Partner on the leash

When you force someone to love you, the first thing you need is a good leash.

Then you must be sure that you hold this person tight, with something that is important to that person. No matter is that money, protection or safety, this leash is a weapon in your relation. Nobody can’t love you back by force, but people try this pattern anyway. How many marriages still exist without love and how many people are trapped in relations based on other reasons, not blessed by love?

Warren is a young guy without a permanent job. He is at the moment employed as a computer engineer in one small company. His girlfriend is Romina, and her father is the owner of that company. Romina is not a beautiful woman, she is divorced, 10 years older than Warren and with one kid from her previous marriage. Warren likes Romina because she is kind of kinky, funny, the soul of every party, but he doesn’t love her. An opposite, she is crazy about him. She did everything for him, offered him flat to live together, job and circle of important friends, all for his love.


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Recently, she was suspicious, because some young girls are employed in the same workplace and Warren is cooperating with them. She attacked one of this girls in a very harsh way, even that girl wasn’t guilty, she was only talking with Warren about the project. Romina is in that relation with fear, because she doesn’t want to lose Warren, but she is also not ready to let him go. Warren is not crazy about her but he needs a job and harmony. He is not in love with someone else, but many pretty faces captured his eyes. He is not sure that he will stay faithful.

Famous sentence by some people talks about one person in love. “I love you, and if even if you don’t love me, I love for both.” No, one person can’t love for both sides, because love takes two, and you can’t participate in both roles there.

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If your partner is a passive side, you will pass through this:

  • Ignorance, when something is bothering you. You can do it alone.
  • Lack of understanding, when you need support. You are strong enough to handle this.
  • Anger, if you try to force your partner to hold your side. What do you expect, I did not ask for you. You asked for me.
  • Jealousy, on other girls. They are all possible competition because his attention is not focused on you.

If you try to give an advice to that person, who obviously love the wrong partner, she will tell you that you should not bother her. Indeed, let her see the side effect of this kind of love. This is the situation when you eat, but still, you are hungry, because this love is diet meal, with pieces and crumbs.

Such kind of partner is always with one foot at the door.

When will this relation shut down?

When you don’t have nothing to offer anymore. Money, safety, company, power, anything else which bonded this person with you.

When this person will find someone who will complete him.

Conscience is also an important element. If the partner is not in relation for the right reason, he will leave when his conscience woke up.

It would be nice when relation would be based on pure love.

This is not always like that. Fear that person will stay alone will also play an important role. So, better you have a sparrow in your hand, than a pidgeon on the tree. If you loved someone and he left you, maybe you will get into the influence of a person who will ask your love, and you will love him by force even you are not aware of this. This is the situation where you will maybe enjoy to be with someone who adores you because your ego likes that. In the same time, you can’t love back because someone made your heart empty.

If you feel that you are the person on the leash, or if you have someone who is your dog, remember that such relation always has a deadline. Something happens, someone can’t stand anymore or rebellion inside will cause a revolution. Cracks will be bigger and bigger, until the final explosion.

Guest Post by Kristina Gallo

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I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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7 thoughts on “Partner on the leash

  1. Wow! Partner on a leash, to me is provocative and has me thinking long, hard and deep. It does seem to me that somehow peeps flock towards each other for various reasons leashes or no leashes. I have had the ability to interact with people that got married and it had nothing to do with love. Infact they fell in love once they had married. The leash in this relationship was family. You see family had arranged the marriage then love followed after. At times I wonder if we really know, let me phrase this differently, I wonder if I know what love is. How then can I love another person if I don’t know what love is?

    Thank you very much for this thought provoking blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I like all the emotions you wrote about. We have been married for almost 23 years, totally in love but still low self esteem can sneak in and then jealousy,but true committed love takes over and we are best friends also :)))) Jen

    Liked by 2 people

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