Reddening as leaves drop


Reddening as leaves drop

Persimmons by the pavement

Waiting to be picked



I read this beautiful Haiku on my Grandpa AshiAkira’s blog, yesterday. And I told him: „I am sorry I am not there to pick up one to see its taste :)”

He responded me with another gorgeous Haiku.

„I want that,” she says

I stretch up but it’s too high

The persimmon laughs

By the same Author: A persimmon tree


Guest Post by Ashi Akira,

my dearest Grandpa from Japan

Ashi 200x200


I dedicate this blog to two old men who are haunting my mind many many years. They are the “ghosts” of WW2 pilots both of whom died in the war. They are a Japanese suicide pilot and an American P-38 pilot.

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