The opening credits

“Cut It….“

There comes the huge round of applause, from the crew members in the set, the camera man gave a thumbs up to me, but I was stuck with something, the climax of my very first movie was captured in CMOS perfectly, and people in the unit was so happy that things had turned out so good, their experience with the first time director seems to flown in good chemistry. All were exchanging hugs, appreciating each other, but me was still on the director’s chair, there are moments in life even you achieve something big you feel that you are nothing.

Years back

“So, promise you will give me the credits” while she said these words, I was tagged to her dimple and was in a different world. The seashore and the cool breeze makes me mad, that too when am with my sweetheart, she give a pinch on my nose and repeated the question. With a smile “I asked what? What credit??”

She raised her eye brows in surprise or disbelief as if I had murdered someone and was standing in front of her with the knife which was used to execute the person. The thing is she is an animated speaker and one of the million things I loved about her was the fact that she can really grab your attention with those body languages. On our CA classes she was the one speaker who makes the instructor feel sorry for choosing to teach the Business Communication course. His class was really a lullaby for us, but my sweetheart pitch in and disturbs everyone dreams and bring the attention back to the class.


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I replied, ”do we give credit for ourselves? You are my better half right?”

She said, “ah ha ha, not officially though”

“let’s make it official then, come on exchange the rings” I pulled the ring which was not the real golden ring for the engagement, but for this situation this was perfect.

“Nonsense” she looked away to the pani poori stall

I replied, “See this is not an engagement ring, I bought it for you, on the trip to Mamallapuram, I felt like buying this for you” I pulled her finger and put it right in the ring finger, it was perfect.

She doesn’t seems to leave with that credit stuff, “So will you give credit for me or not?”

I said “why not, I will and I promise, happy?”

“What surety, how will I know that you have given credits to me or not?”

This question of her made me really angry. I asked in frustration “what’s the problem, you gone insane or what? You will be with me right? Ah, no more stupid question, come lets have some pani poori, of course you pay ok, I have no issues as well as no money in my wallet”

“Will have paani poori, but you answer this, even am not with you, do give me the credit ok!!” She stood up and offered her hands. I declined, stood up, in silence I started walking towards the stall.

By the same Author: I promise! 

Present day

“Hey, so finally you made it man, congrats, really happy for you.” It was one of my well wisher over the phone, I thanked her and disconnected the mobile and put it back in the pocket, my assistants was excited to see our efforts on screen, I chose the less hi fi cinema hall and that was the promise I made myself that I will watch my movies in the B class theater because I firmly believe those are the trail rooms which gives you the verdict after the noon show. The audience are noisy and some viewers who sat near me was saying, “Hey do you think this guy make it to the Industry?” the other said,” who knows and who cares” lights are out now, only the shouting of crowds and the dark screen, I focused on the screen, slowly the white fonts appeared on to the dark screen from a mist and the raining sound filled the speaker boxes, the words of opening credits

“Dedicated to someone special who is now among the stars and one day we will meet there to continue our journey….Love”

Guest Post by Josh from Chai & Biscuits

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A passionate film maker & writer that’s what really I want to be in my life, and people who are real close to me know it. I Love Life ( I love myself unless you love yourself you can’t love others, so i love myself to love others😛 don’t believe in all that i say😉)

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