Is Passion So Hard to Pursue?

Recently, a number of people asked me a simple yet complex question “what is passion?” I have address this topic many times in MiddleMe and because it is a feeling rather than a physical thing, it can be hard for some to grasp. We all heard people talking about how important passion is in life, in the things you love yet how many of us truly pursue it? It is a combination of love, desire and dream.


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Do you need to love what you do? Of course! The key operative word is not just like your job but your passion is driven by loving the work you are doing and the work you produce. When you do something you love, you work harder and smarter and you are proud of your achievements, big or small in your work. In fact, passion in your work can blurred the lines of your work and personal life. I don’t feel tired even I have been working non-stop for the last 16 hours because I am pursuing a perfection in my work or I’m helping a client to find a solution or I’m working on a huge presentation that I am solely responsible for. However, if it’s a job I am just in for the salary and no passion, you can bet that I’ll be packing up way before time and watching the clock on the wall for it to strike 6pm.

Some may call me a workaholic but the big difference is I am not a slave for my work, I just enjoy my work too much to let it go. Yes, there is such bliss!

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If you open your eyes, many people around you work for their passion. Actors who pursue their acting careers relentlessly despite knowing that they have a chance in a million to be famous. Teachers, especially those specialized in special needs are among many who deserves higher wages but they continue to do what they do best. Nurses also not being paid enough in many countries, continue in saving lives while working unearthly hours. There are many more people who do what they do not because of money, fame or power, but rather the joy it brings to themselves and others. Military officers who risks their lives, no matter how much they are being paid, in my opinion the amount will never be able to justified the hours they are away from their loved ones and risks placed on their heads.

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You probably think it is normal for folks to work for money, don’t enjoy their work and always have the “what ifs” daydreams. It is not normal. Ask yourself if you really want to waste 8 hours everyday, wishing you can do something else? You can be slaving away for a job you hate to put bread on the table, just don’t give up on your passion, take necessary action such as pursuing further education in order to reach your ambition one day.

Because I believe in perseverance in people’s hearts, you will realize your passion if you only push through.

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