May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.

-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


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It is time my children, you must leave this fortress; the battlements turned down. As Perceval left the forest in search of the Grail he knew nothing about, there are new adventures at hand for you and for me that we can’t at this time perceive… new words to write and old ones to reprimand. But it is all for naught if you never enter the world.

By the same author:  Ocean 

Yes, I have kept you here cradled while I fought sentences and paragraphs in hopes that one day I could send you off, satisfied that my best is achieved. But my best will never come into being. For it is my burden as well as my joy to never know that position. So like any parent I will let you go. I hide these moments of worry, regret, and fear and pray to keep my emotions at bay so you will return of your own accord with new insights from your travels. And for those who return tattered, I will take you in to recover only to let you fly again stronger than before.

So breathe deep, fly the middle way as told to Icarus through the Southern Cross as you touch the Aurora. Beware of flying too close to the sun, as well as deep oceans, and keep firm in the face of adversity for it is the man who never speaks out who walks about as though he were already in the grave.

Guest Post by Jeff from An Unexpected Muse

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October of 2012. Not long after that I started writing and in 2014 my blog was born…  An Unexpected Muse at… https://nimbus432.wordpress.com/
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6 thoughts on “Icarus

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  2. The Hobbit quote is so uplifting and Icarus can’t help but try.
    I love the sentence. ” And for those who return tattered, I will take you in to recover only to let you fly again stronger than before.”
    Comforting feeling when you set out on that unknown journey.

    Thank you for another thought provoking post

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  3. Thank you so much Mirja. Yes, I love that quote. And Icarus did try and his father was there for him. And I know if I fail at least I tried and there is someone there for me should I fail……

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