A Whole New World

mopana-chipmunks-hooversA chipmunk lives in our front garden. We put out a bit of sunflower seed in the warmer weather when she is out and about. She quickly fills her cheeks with them and then stores them in her den. Because of the way in which she seems to vacuum up the seeds, we have dubbed her “Hoover”. She fiercely defends her turf against other chipmunks that may want to share her food. Last week, I was surprised to find not one but three chipmunks in the garden.

It quickly became apparent that these are her offspring. They are about two-thirds her size and they all share the same den. This was clearly their first day outside their little hole. They did not venture far from the entrance and were exploring everything in their new world, sniffing blades of grass and my wife’s plants. Since then, they’ve begun to explore a bit more and have more energy and enthusiasm than grace, leading to some funny antics. The photo shows them around the entrance to their den on their first day out.

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Guest Post by Christopher O’Keefe

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