Collaboration with beasts

This world is not a perfect place. When you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you, that is indeed source of happiness. Unfortunately, it is not always like this, and life will put you into unpleasant situations. Sometimes, you will be rabbit in the forest, and wolves will seek you as a good trophy.

How many times you collaborated with guys who can’t stand you? Did you have neighbors who is rude every time you met him? You must work with an ex-boyfriend? This kind of situation are as taste of fish oil, bitter in your mouth, but you must digest this.

If you are flexible and mature person, you will make balance between your feeling inside and your official approach.


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What to do when you are forced to deal with nasty, boomer person at work?

Stay calm. Any loss of nerves is point for your opponent.

Be formal. Don’t try to be smarmy or don’t act like coward. Your ex maybe scares you, but don’t feed him with your fear.

Smile and stay positive. Smile will upset him, because it makes you a winner.

Give him material for gossips. Talk loud at phone about something what makes you happy.

Be silent and make a memory. Next time, when this person will ask something from you, make a prank.


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Recently I got a new office mate who is very unpleasant. I tried all to approach her, but she decided that she doesn’t like me. In the morning I say good morning, at the end of work time, I say bye. That is all our conversation and I don’t want to force her or beg for more. After all, this talks about her manners and education. I make also small revenge so I told her that a client asked for her, even he asked to talk with me. She was annoyed with long phone call, and I was smiling quietly. Let she taste her own medicine.

When you talk with your parents, sister, best friend, you are in good atmosphere. They encourage you, you get respect, love and appreciation. With unpleasant people, with your enemies and rivals, you will be in the company of beasts. They will also give you something good. You will learn how strong and calm are you, and how you handle critics. You will learn about your tolerance and your fighting skills. Imagine how much strange is it if you must work with ex-husband or ex-wife. Or, if you have common friend who invited you at the same birthday party. You will pretend that everything is all right, and deep inside of you fire will burn, ready to destroy your system. 

By the same Author: We are not in the same movie

Immature and weak person will lost nerves, start to yell or cry. Remember your childhood, did you ever play on playground with other children who were nasty to you? Maybe they slap you or hit with ball, and you came at home in tears. Now, this is not playground. This is your workplace or another space where you must cooperate with beasts. Your choice is to survive or they will tear you.

Guest Post by Kristina Gallo

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I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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