Ogleos’ Library… A Story of Endearment


Ogleo peaked through the crack of his bedroom door. He heard his mother’s door shut for the night and he saw by the slit at the bottom that her lights had gone out. He stepped out into the hallway, flashlight in hand and proceeded on his nightly ritual.

And who could blame him as he received his gift naturally, especially from his mother who had an addiction to words, so much so that people thought she was a bit thick in the head. I mean pronouncing strange words out loud in sentences that never seemed to make sense with an air of errant self importance as it must have seemed to others.

Early the next morning Ogleos’ mother opened the library door looking at the books wrapped in and around her son’s arms as he lay sleeping in his father’s’ great chair. She gently untied the last book from its imprisonment and laid a marker between the pages whispering to herself, “he’s made it to the C’s”. She looked around the room and held back a tear, this room still brought her eyes to water even three years since Ogleos’ father passed. It belonged to her son now and he was bound and determined to read every book in this room, even the encyclopedias.

By the same author:  Of Words, a Raft, & a Dragonfly

This can seem only logical for naturally a boy will try to emulate his father but with Ogleo as with all things he did, his motives ran deeper than just the obvious. Even as a small boy he would visit his father in the library it seemed these books were calling begging him to open, to read, to understood… wanting someone to unlock all the knowledge between their pages. So Ogleo took up the task and spent all the time he could spare reading these volumes page by page. In his quest, his nightly trek became for his imagination a gate to unknown lost worlds. Whether it was a quest for buried treasure, searching for a great white whale with Starbuck and Captain Ahab, or trying to understand Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity“, Ogleo was under a spell, wanting to know everything and in the process unlock secrets that others only dreamed about.

Guest Post by Jeff from An Unexpected Muse

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October of 2012. Not long after that I started writing and in 2014 my blog was born…  An Unexpected Muse at… https://nimbus432.wordpress.com/
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8 thoughts on “Ogleos’ Library… A Story of Endearment

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  2. Great guest post, Jeff and reminds me of a boy in a book I’ve just finished. Set partly in South Africa during the Apartheid era, the father of a young boy is determined his son shall have an education – on his weekly return home the father brings home armfuls of tatty old books and a new notebook for his son to write in. Initially unwilling, the boy soon devours the eclectic mix presented to him by his illiterate father until the thirst for knowledge becomes an innate part of his sad life. This is the side story to Jo Robinson’s excellent ‘African Me & Satellite TV’.

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    • Thanks, Annika. I may have to finish with Ogleos’ story first but will want to read this one that you’ve mentioned. I love the story line which reminds me of ‘me’.

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  3. Wonderful and inspiring story Jeff. I can feel with Ogleo and his hunger for learning. He is so endearing and determined. With a beautiful library like that and a mother who has addiction to words….the scene is set.
    Now I wonder though, what happened to Ogleo?:)

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    • Well, Mirja, I believe Ogleo is still living his story as more and more excited things happen to him but I do think he has started writing it also. Thank you!

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    • I thank you, Jeff.
      It is a pleasure for me to do this. I love when I see people sharing their words with other people because of me. I love to make people happy, Jeff 🙂

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