I was under the shower. Trying to make myself calm. This is how we confront each other, me and my sweetheart. If we had any difference of opinions, and when the quarrel begins to heat up, I find the shelter under the bath shower. The reason I can’t fight with my sweets and her expressions during the arguments are funny, which will make me laugh. This will fuel her anger. So to avoid such dilemma I play this trick.

”Are you going to come out or not?” came the warning question from my sweets.

I replied, “it’s ok, yu can continue your prosecution from the other side of the door”

”How mean” she hit the door, probably with the leg, the lower kick.

I chuckled, “I said sorry!”

”Sorry, sorry not going to help” she replied

”Ok now listen, please forgive me sweets, I agree am at the wrong end” I responded while turning off the shower, there was complete silence, “You there?” I pulled the towel. I opened the door carefully and checked whether my sweet is holding something (a weapon) to launch an attack on me. No, she is not in the frame at all. I carefully went to the bedroom and took a peep into the balcony also; no she is not there too. Oh my, she is planning something bigger; I can hear some noise coming from kitchen, well now I know the place of your hide out. The hide and seek game was a usual proceeding between us and it was fun too.

I slowly walked to the kitchen,

”Oh, you scared me” my mom shouted, I stood confused. I scanned the kitchen,

”What are you looking for” my mom was frustrated, raising her eyebrows she asked, “whom were you talking to in the bathroom?”

I stood puzzled, I responded slowly, “Nothing mom, was rehearsing the dialogues for the play which is scheduled this weekend. Avoiding eye contacts, I walked to my bed room, the weather outside was comforting my feelings, it’s been 7 years but still, I fail to accept the reality, the reality that she is no more, wish INTERSTELLAR was a reality by now, so that we can bring our loved ones back to earth, by cheating the time. If not at least a visiting hours!!


By the same Author:  Will You Marry Me?

After reading to this point he tossed the script to the table, “So we plan to open the short from this part?”

Well yes, but can you shoot these shots with a glider alone or you need additional cameras?”, I asked our cinematographer,

He replied, “Well, not a problem, we will do it with single cam”



The screen went black; the only text visible on the dark screen of the mobile was “Buffering”

My friend looked at me in frustration; I gave him a sorry expression.

He said, “So this is the end of your short film?”

I smiled and replied, “Na this is the beginning, please wait, net will be up soon, watch the rest of the footages too”

Looking at the mobile screen he said, “Ok, where are you going?”

I Replied, “Let me take a shower!”

Guest Post by Josh from Chai & Biscuits

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A passionate film maker & writer that’s what really I want to be in my life, and people who are real close to me know it. I Love Life ( I love myself unless you love yourself you can’t love others, so i love myself to love others😛 don’t believe in all that i say😉)

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