Want free stuff and party with friends?

Summer Closet Purge


Summer Clothing Swap

Do you feel like you need a bigger closet? You don’t have anything to wear? Want to add something new your closet without spending a dime? Have a party!

Want to make a fun girls night in? Tell your gals what you are doing, have them bring their donations and host a clothing swap party.


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So before you can have a party you and your gal’s have to purge your closets and determine what can and needs to go.

When did you last empty your closet? When you moved in? Well that’s too long.

First you need to get a trash bag and a box.

Everything will go in one of 3 places trash, keep or donate. The box is the donation box. Your “keep” goes in a pile on the bed.

Time to clear your closet. You are going to take everything out and decide to donate, trash or keep.

Now be honest with yourself. What size are you? Will you be able to fit in this soon? If not donate it.If you were shopping today, would you buy this now? No ~ then donate it. When did you wear it last? Has it been over one year? Why? Donate it.

Now that you have sorted everything and your closet is empty it’s a good time evaluate your keep pile. If you couldn’t decide to donate or keep, then you can put it back in the keep. BUT you have to commit to re-evaluate in six months.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

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Hang everything you are keeping neatly on hangers but turn the hangers backwards so that when you actually wear something you remove the hanger and you will flip it around. Six months later you will be able to see what you did not wear. Those need serious thought as to if you should donate them.

I understand I have a LBD in my closet that may not see the light of day for over 6 months but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the skinny jeans you can have not worn in years or the jacket you loved years ago and you now live in a climate that you never wear a jacket.

OK now that you have cleared your closet and determined what to donate. You are ready to host a clothing swap party.

There are lots of places to get details on hosting the party. Here is what Oprah.com says:

Include friends of all sizes and shapes—and don’t leave out your pregnant friends who could be looking for larger items. Because some pieces can be easily adapted to fit various figures by adding a belt, have one on hand the day of so that guests can see if cinching a roomy top or dress will make it work for them.

Host your swap at the end of the season when people are more likely to be cleaning out their closets and looking for new pieces to freshen up their wardrobes. Send out an Evite or Facebook invitation (both save trees and help you track RSVPs) a month in advance to give guests time to prepare and let go of the too-tight, too-short skirt or neon blouse they haven’t been bold enough to wear. If you’re not opposed to a few extra houseguests, ask friends to spread the word to a stylish friend outside your circle to increase the pot and better everyone’s chances of walking away with a good find.

Note a minimum and maximum number of items each person should bring, especially if you do choose to open up the guest list. This ensures there are plenty of quality things to trade but not so much stuff that it becomes overwhelming for you or your friends. And encourage everyone to bring any unwanted clothing, regardless of the weather outside. Tank tops and T-shirts make great layering pieces year round, says Nichelle Stephens, founder of the Fashion Swap and Meet blog.

Only things in good condition (washed and ironed) should be welcome. Gently remind guests on the invitation to clean out their pockets (tracking down an ID card someone mistakenly left in their old jeans is a nuisance worth avoiding) and reserve anything they’d be embarrassed to loan to a friend (stained clothes, moth-eaten sweaters and underwear) for the garbage—not your swap

Add accessories to the mix (like gently worn shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves and unopened beauty products). This will ensure that everyone—regardless of size—can find something that fits.

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/style/clothing-swap-how-to-host-a-clothing-swap#ixzz4CiChP0X5

You will find you have so much more space. Plus maybe you found some treasures you had forgotten about or new treasures from your friends.

Congratulations you did it!! Enjoy a party with your friends.

By the way this can be done for your kids stuff (clothing, toys and gear) too.

So did you schedule a party?


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