Our Love, Our Love Was…

The purity of our love felt so real

Our physical attraction we could not conceal.

Felt to the temptation of our flesh

Afterwards everything felt so fresh.

Our shapes became one

Such a beautiful blurred had begun.

Time went by and the frame of your hate was felt

Like a candle melts

Right at the end of death.


Source: Google Image

All those passionate nights

The nights where we were flying high

Almost touching the stars

Everything was ours.

Nothing is left from those nights of ecstasy

Was this our destiny

To hurt each other and forever be apart

Remembering those nights?

By the same author: In The Heart Of The Night

Guest Post by  Manuel from emotionsoflife2016

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My blog is about all the emotions we feel as we go through this never ending journey called life. Some poems are sad (most of them) cause my life has been full of sadness but what can I say. So drop by and hope you like my emotions, thank you for reading. Stay amazing.

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6 thoughts on “Our Love, Our Love Was…

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  2. Started off well n beautiful and ended with a ‘longing for love’ note. Everyone loves to go back to that nostalgic days of love, yeah for sure. Such thoughts always fills our hearts immensely. An unmatches feeling for sure.

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