I climb, therefore I’m happy

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Give me a tall tree

All I need to be happy

The world at my feet

These photos were taken in Predeal one week ago. If you remember I had then “An adventure to tell to the grandchildren” 🙂 

Me, climbing trees?

Check this “I love to climb trees“. If you want to see me climbing trees in the winter, check this “Snow, fun and adrenaline


10 thoughts on “I climb, therefore I’m happy

  1. Lovely, I know you love to climb trees, I have seen your picture! I wish I could climb trees now although I did as a kid when we visited our native place Monica and haha, I fell down on ground in minutes. We have Mango and Litchi orchard at our native land.

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    • Nice to hear that you used to be a climbing girl like me, Arohi 🙂 Oh Oh… I fell down many times, too. But I took it from the beginning every time because I adore to do that.
      Hugs ❤

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    • Funny to say that. Climbing mountains, but not trees.
      It took me not too long because my father didn’t want to let me go further. He was afraid for me 🙂 And I understood him. It is not so easy even if it looks easy.


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  3. Hi Monica, I used to love climbing trees. Testing the branches for support as you go higher. Loving the feeling when the tree itself tells you it is dangerous to go higher and you finally look down to see others on the ground.

    Un besito,


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