I climb, therefore I’m happy

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Give me a tall tree

All I need to be happy

The world at my feet

These photos were taken in Predeal one week ago. If you remember I had then “An adventure to tell to the grandchildren” 🙂 

Me, climbing trees?

Check this “I love to climb trees“. If you want to see me climbing trees in the winter, check this “Snow, fun and adrenaline



8 thoughts on “I climb, therefore I’m happy

  1. Lovely, I know you love to climb trees, I have seen your picture! I wish I could climb trees now although I did as a kid when we visited our native place Monica and haha, I fell down on ground in minutes. We have Mango and Litchi orchard at our native land.

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    • Nice to hear that you used to be a climbing girl like me, Arohi 🙂 Oh Oh… I fell down many times, too. But I took it from the beginning every time because I adore to do that.
      Hugs ❤

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    • Funny to say that. Climbing mountains, but not trees.
      It took me not too long because my father didn’t want to let me go further. He was afraid for me 🙂 And I understood him. It is not so easy even if it looks easy.


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