On The Shoulders of Giants

In time I also heard a singular voice whisper to me as though it were an echo of words spoken long ago that keeps going and will forever sound through the epochs of time as long as love and compassion inhabit this Earth… “There are many ways to touch and kiss the sky.”


These small stones we skip on the surface into the waters of life are like the stones by the river’s edge, they all add up, one by one, the mind hardly notices until one day we open our eyes and see a dam we’ve built across one waterway which opens up another… the water giving life to all sentient beings. We don’t realize the effect we have on others, on the earth, on the universe until we step back and take a look around. And even then we’re prone to disbelief.

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Sometimes it’s hard to find your way to making a difference. We wish we were as explorers of long ago or a knight in King Arthur’s court as we make a grand entrance and have the world realize who we are and what we’ve done. But what are we to do for it’s getting hard being the first at anything. Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon and deservedly received the accolades and a permanent place in the history books. However, we know the work that will continue with other subsequent explorers in astrophysics, taking small steps which will make a bigger difference in the end. These are people and names we’ll never know.

Isaac Newton acknowledged and rightly so, that he stood on the shoulders of giants when talking about his scientific achievements. Our awareness should be in the moment or we’ll miss the jewel stone… the Lapis and leave it to another explorer embracing the moment.

Guest Post by Jeff from An Unexpected Muse

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October of 2012. Not long after that I started writing and in 2014 my blog was born…  An Unexspected Muse at… https://nimbus432.wordpress.com/

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10 thoughts on “On The Shoulders of Giants

  1. Thank you Jeff. A wonderfully uplifting thought as I sit here waiting for a flight.
    Tear eyed I imagine all these skipping stones building a dam – a bridge of compassion

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