With Hope!

“Is it recording? Are we ready to do it?” looking at the camcorder she asked.

I gestured a thumps up to acknowledge that it was action time.

With her trademark smile, she started the narration.

“Well, let’s do it then! This is the place where he proposed to me. He loved light houses. He said they are the true monuments of eternal love, that is spread across the sea shores and guides the lost souls to their destinations. You know, falling in love is risky as one could get lost in the sea. Like on the sea, if one wants to keep it going, one has to depend on light houses. They help the sailors to make it to the shores. Likewise, hope and trust are the lighthouses that helps our love continue and keep going without getting under the storms of doubts.”

She took a pause and pointed towards the lighthouse which was blurred behind her. I adjusted the lenses to get a clear view of the giant lighthouse which stood with pride on the roadside. While I was capturing the light house, she jumped off the frame. I continued focusing the marvel from top to bottom.

She joined back with corns in both hands, making a “V” with them, between her face. Then she continued her narration.

“And,, here comes his favorite.No no, our favorite! Because whatever he liked, I started loving too,” she said with a blush. I couldn’t hold back my smile. Noticing my smile, she made a serious face and continued, “With spicy masala this tastes heaven.”

Having said that she started munching on the corn cob and made that WOW expression with her lips.

She went back to narration, “We used to come to this spot on every Saturday morning. On this sand we sat and saw our castle of dreams taking shape in the vast sky”

Out of the blue, she pointed towards the sea and shouted in excitement, “See, one of those lost soul being rescued by these marvels.”

I panned the camcorder towards the sea smoothly; I could see a ship, like a match box floating in remoteness.

She clapped her hands to grab my attention back to her narration.

“His love for these lighthouses made him more special for me. I really miss him. I hope these videos reach him, through youtube or facebook. So friends please share as much as you can and help me find my love. Please come back sweets. I can’t live with your memories. I truly want to make new memories with you and die with those, where there is Us not just you or just me”


Having said that her voice choked, tears started rolling down her cheeks.

The screen went blank.

My editor friend looked at me sternly, I smiled back.

“I don’t know what to say, I’m afraid that this isn’t going to work,” he expressed his concern. It was a genuine one, I knew.

I replied, “I know. But you know what, each day, when I go to those spots and make videos, where she explains about her lost love, it give me that fulfillment which can’t be replaced by words, I also believe that, miracles do happen. One day she will regain her lost memories and recognize that the person behind the camera, recording her narration, is the person she is looking for. The person who is actually recording her video is the one for whom she is making it. Till that day, I will continue this process. Just for her, who describes about me to me, with the same enthusiasm everyday. It’s, like reading chapter one of the same book, again and again.” 

By the same author: Rain, The Midwives!

Before my friend could come up with logical explanation to stop me from doing this weird activity, my mobile vibrated. Phones are blessings, most of the time. It helps you to divert from a conversation, you start hating to have. It was my love. Her picture flashed on my screen. I picked the call.

“Hey, I will be reaching in 15 minutes, thought of keeping you posted. You are sure this video will help me find him, right?” she said without taking a pause.

“As sure and real as the call you have made just now,” I responded.

“See you then” she replied and the call dropped.

I took the camcorder and refreshed its memory, to set out to the lighthouse to capture my love, who will be explaining things she loves and cherishes about me. I hope one day, she regains her memories, and together we record a video keeping the lighthouse in the background. The lighthouse which is the only ray of hope that helps the lost souls find its destination.

Guest Post by Josh from Chai & Biscuits

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A passionate film maker & writer that’s what really I want to be in my life, and people who are real close to me know it. I Love Life ( I love myself, unless you love yourself you can’t love others, so i love myself to love others😛 don’t believe in all that i say😉)

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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