A real story on organ donation


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They had a strong marriage, wonderful kids and a tiny home on hill top, brimming with laughter and happiness, the giggles of their grandson exhilarated the energy level of everyone around and they had all that anyone can ask for.

It caused envy among people but little did they know that everything is going to turn upside down.

It was the day when she was diagnosed with a defective liver and the atmosphere became tense as it was in the terminal stage. Melancholy casted its shadow above them dipping them in the pool of tears but her family stood together even in their tough times.

Doctors told that only way to save her is through liver transplantation and she was lucky enough to see her children coming forward willingly to check their liver compatibility but one of them had fatty liver and other one’s liver size didn’t match and they were searching frantically for the Donar.

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