What City Were You Born In?

There is nothing more exciting than writing about the city you were born in. I would like to use this unique chance given by Monica and talk to you about Kyiv. I assure you that you will not be loaded with hundreds of pages and endless stories. It is a little insight into. Ready?

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine, the most famous cultural, scientific, and industrial center situated almost in the northern part of Ukraine. Ukraine lies in the Eastern Europe bordering with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania on the west, and Russia, on the east. Just to clarify: Ukraine is not and have never been any part of Russia. It was among 15 countries that formed USSR many years ago. Ukraine received its independency August 24, 1991. Those are official facts to be known. Yes, Russian language is very commonly used in Ukraine yet, but that is due to the fact that Ukrainian language was prohibited (persecuted) by the Communist Party. For many centuries Ukrainian language was not popular and was being eliminated among local citizens. These people are of grandparents’ age now and they left their traces. However, nowadays Ukrainian is the only one official language that is extremely popular. It is the third most beautiful language in the world. Come here and you will find it surprisingly soft and tuneful.

Kyiv was founded in 482 AD. The founder of Kyiv is considered to be the prince Kyi. Kyiv was named after him. Again for many years Kyiv was misspelled as Kiev that is translated from Russian. As a professional linguist I declare that names of the cities MUST NOT be translated, they can be only transliterated from the source language, which is Ukrainian.

In the 9th century Kyiv was the biggest political, religious, craft-trade center of Kievan Rus, modern Ukraine. Moscowia did not even exist. It is a proven yet little known fact. In 988 Prince Volodymyr brought Christianity as its official religion. Since then, Kyiv became the center of Christian faith in Eastern Europe. Ancient golden-domed churches, monuments and numerous parks as well as museums make Kyiv most attractive to tourists.


Mikhail Bulgakov, author of the famous Master and Margarita, who was born in Kyiv, said about Ukrainian capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe: “There is no more beautiful city in the world than Kyiv“. And he was right. Here you will find green parks, old churches and hospitable people. Kyiv is not similar to any other European city. One glance – modern shopping centers, expensive cars, high traffic, brand boutiques, skyscrapers, slim girls on high-heel shoes, whereas the other – homeless people, old people who are like homeless, soldiers, sad faces, and despair… I draw a sad picture that can be transformed into happier and brighter, it actually is true. People smile here, people are born here, live, fall in love and etc. Thus Kyiv is too contrasting, black and white colors intercross. As a person who cannot be indifferent I simply crave for warmer colors. Kyiv deserved to be visited, felt and “touched”. It deserved to be one of the most desired.

By the same author: AnRoStudio Presents

That is how I feel and would like you to feel as well. I try to see the picture clear. My love to the city does not make me blind. This city needs serious care; I would say “treatment”. Your eyes can spot rubbish on streets. Kyiv has no owner. Sometimes people who live here behave inappropriately. They use this city for their purposes and do not think about future. Awful, painful. I refuse to accept and justify it. If you do not love the land you walk on, then you do not respect yourself. You are considered to be the piece of plastic paper, stub, bottle or anything else left here. You are the person who has no future as well as your next generation. Critical, sad, but fair.

The city where I was born is very sunny, welcoming and interesting. Kyiv is huge. It lies on two banks of the river Dnipro and takes 893 km2. The population is more than 3 million. However, I believe even more. It has 10 districts, 3 airports, railway station, river port, 3 branches of metro, several lines of trolleybuses, trams, buses and even private transport system, many cathedrals, museums, monuments, theatres, cinemas, cultural centers and etc. You can be easily lost here. Here can be noisy. Crowded streets, high traffic. You may feel tired of it and, at the same time, relaxed. You can hate this city and then love again. Thus, you will never be bored here. It is impossible. Kyiv circulates 24 hours 7 days. It does not stop even at night. Kyiv lives in your heart till the last beat…at least, in mine!

As an active bloger, an enthusiastic writer, and an amateur film-maker I invite you to my city through my posts, photos and films. Recently I have started dealing with series of stories devoted to my city. You will not only be able to read them, but also watch and hear. Fun license is issued. Looking forward to seeing you at my platform! Please do not hesitate to contact me. Always welcome!

Yours Ann

Guest Post by Ann from Anroworld

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I am quite a creative person. As you may recognize from my posts I do like photographing and filming. Honestly, it has always been my dream to make movies, I am still crazy about it, although I am still a hopeless amateur.

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4 thoughts on “What City Were You Born In?

  1. Such a great, and to me enlightening, story that makes me feel guilty of having ignorantly thought Ukraine was part of Russia all my life. I couldn’t even feel anything wrong in thinking of your city as Kiev. But from now own it’s definitely Kyiv.

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