The greatest gift in life is friendship

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well, few days back I came across this wonderful thing Monica introduced on her blog, Guest of Honor. Monica is a lovely Person with so much Positivity. I know her since september last year and since then she has been a treasured friend to me whose friendship is warm, welcoming and true. she has been always there with all her support.

She never changed, no ego, no attitude, never phony but Just the same sweet girl I met and became friends with last year. Now, I hope our friendship grows with time and our bond stays strong. I really like this gorgeous and Kind friend of mine, don’t you and therefore I decided to dedicate this guest post to our friendship and all the friends who cherish their Friends.

History shows how strong Friendship bonds can be. War was one such Occasion which showed that come rain or shine, Friendship always Shines. Here is one such inspiring stories from History-

Christmas Miracle in World War I

It can’t be overstated how absolutely horrible World War I was for basically everyone on Earth. One of the largest wars ever fought in history, most of the soldiers were conscripted by their respective governments to kill loads of people who had never personally wronged them, fighting in foreign lands while starving and suffering fatigue and bullet wounds. It’s really no surprise that, on Christmas Day 1914, these conditions led to the biggest bag of “screw this war stuff” ever opened.

Source: Google Image

Think what you will of the Germans, but they were the ones who kicked off the cheer on Christmas Eve. The German frontline put lights all along their trenches and began to sing Christmas carols and put up banners wishing the British a Happy Christmas. The soldiers then came out of the trenches to meet and greet the enemy. They exchanged autographs and stories, and they agreed not to fire on each other on the following Christmas Day. Read More.

Here is another story of two friends,

Marilyn Monroe & Ella Fitzgerald

Source: Google Image

In 1955, Ella Fitzgerald’s career really took off after an impressive showing at the Mocambo nightclub in Hollywood, one of the most happening spots in town. However, her performance might not have ever happened without the help of an unlikely supporter—Marilyn Monroe.

The owner of the nightclub didn’t want to book Fitzgerald. It has often incorrectly been said that it was because of her race, but other black performers like Eartha Kitt had performed at the Mocambo in the years prior. Others say the owner Charlie Morrison simply didn’t see Ella Fitzgerald as a big draw.

Whatever the reason, it took Marilyn Monroe’s support to get Ella the gig. Monroe promised that when Ella played, she herself would be at a table, front and center. This was enough not only to land Fitzgerald the job but to bring a lot of media attention to her performance. From then on, Ella Fitzgerald never had to play a second-rate jazz club again.

The two of them became pretty close afterward, finding that they had a lot in common. Fitzgerald saw Monroe as a woman ahead of her times to whom she owed a great debt. In the meantime, Marilyn not only was a fan of Ella Fitzgerald but used her music to learn how to sing.

(source: Here )

This is another touching story of two friends from History

Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett

It’s no surprise that these two legendary comedians who ran their own television shows got along well. Ball’s historic hit, I Love Lucy, ran on CBS from 1951 through 1957. The Carol Burnett Show premiered a decade later and ran from 1967 through 1978. The two also acted together—Burnett appeared on four episodes of The Lucy Show, and Ball guest-starred on four episodes of The Carol Burnett Show—and had a mentor-mentee relationship: Ball was 22 years older than Burnett and called her “kid.” Burnett describes her relationship with Ball as “very close.” Ball even threw her a black tie baby shower, which Burnett has called “one of the funniest evenings ever.” By the same Author: The ultimate rain Playlist.

By the same Author: The ultimate rain Playlist.

Ball died on April 26, 1989—Burnett’s birthday. Burnett received flowers that day from her friend with a message: “Happy Birthday, Kid.”

(Source: Mental Floss)

So, these were some inspiring stories of friends from History which I love and well, I hope you enjoyed reading it too.

I, Thank you Monica for being my friend. Long Live our Friendship. 🙂

Source: Google Image

Someone has rightly said :

The greatest gift in life is friendship and I have received it.

Thanks for reading.


Guest Post by Arohii  from Joie de vivre

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I am a dentist by profession. Joie de vivre (about, here) was born to celebrate the little joy of life.I believe it is the little things in life that give big happiness.So cherish them before it is too late. The key of being happy is to live the life we were given with joy.

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