Mini Pizza



I suggest a mini pizza recipe easy, delicious and economical.

Ingredients: (60 pieces)

For the dough:

400g flour

1 tbsp milk powder

1 tbsp yeast

1 tsp oil

1 tsp caster sugar

1 tsp thyme

125 ml of warm water


For the filling:

1 can of tuna

200g grated cheese

1 red bell pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 green pepper

pizza sauce

black olive

green olive

Method of preparation:

Mix all dough ingredients to a smooth paste.

(Continue the steps in the following photos:) 

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mopana-mini-pizza-02 mopana-mini-pizza-03 mopana-mini-pizza-04 mopana-mini-pizza-05 mopana-mini-pizza-06 mopana-mini-pizza-07 mopana-mini-pizza-08 mopana-mini-pizza-09

Guest Post by Khadija from dishdessert 

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Khadija, Moroccan professional cook. My blog is for lovers of international cuisine (especially Moroccan and French), with simple and easy methods. I am pleased to share with you my dishes and my creations in my kitchen, which I produced with great love and pleasure.
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