Mr. Wrong

The main subject of many female conversations will be about love. Did you find perfect match, who is he, how long are you together and when you will get marry for him. If you are happy, friends will listen you and go to next point, because happiness is boring and they want to hear about problems. If you caught Mr. Wrong, you are ideal partner for coffee time with disappointed women.

It is not first time that women kick out from their circles someone who is happy. Well, Sandra found good husband, what we will talk with her? Sheila has perfect marriage, there is nothing to add. Suddenly, here is big abyss between single and married women, and married women should be guilty for their cozy life, because they are benefited. Even worse, why guy pick Sheila, not you? You are better than her, she was so slutty and indeed stupid, so why she? If Sheila wants to give you an advice, you will get offended, after all, who gave her right to mock you?


My office roommate made big list of women who are not married on my workplace. She was happy because she is not the only one who is single. Even better, she found more than 20 women in forties who never got married. She brought an important conclusion : “They are more happy than those who are married.” On other list were women in cohabitation and in long relations, and they were also subject of her jealousy, because they have someone to share life, and she is alone. So she chose to stick with those who are single, to feel more safe from rude objections.

This appearance has deeper roots.

Why some women always catch wrong guys and end up single?

Big patience.

Patience is wonderful value, but only when you are going into right direction. If you give too much chances to wrong guy, you are not good person, you are idiot.

You are time killer.

If you spent too much time to wait guy who is just flirting with you, you are time killer. Your doors are opened only for him and others stuck between them.

You are transmitter of wrong signals.

Are you forgiving all the time? Did you forget when he cheated you, punched you or lied to you? Your message to him is clear. He can do to you everything he wants.

Nobody is enough good for you.

It is ok to have your standards, but when you start to eliminate guys because of small things as bad shirt and wrong choice of music, your circle of candidates will be very small. After all, even if you find this perfect man, who said that he wants you?

You want someone who is taken.

Married men are not good choice. Also, guy who loves someone else, even he is not in relation, is also not good catch. If he is focused to bring back his ex or he is quietly suffering for other fatal woman, he will not notice you. You can try, but give yourself deadline.

You think that he is your problem solver.

That is wrong step. When you date with guy and start to treat him as shrink who can solve your money debts, depressions or conflict with best friend, he will runaway very fast. You must be independent person with strong mind, able to solve own problems, because only then this guy will feel special.

Let me back to the start of this story. Sheila, married woman became target of envy and jealousy between her single friends. But, one of them, Carmen, was ready to listen her advice. Carmen was single, but not desperate. She asked Sheila how she managed to be happy with her husband.

You just did first step, Carmen. You are ready to listen others without jealousy and envy, it means you are focused to your problems, not to ruin others happiness.

If your followers were despair, jealousy and envy, you are on wrong path. If you are ready to accept your happy friend as your lucky sign, your mind is opening. She is not your threat, she is more an example that men are not pigs, as you might believed. This is logical answer on your questions. If you look on the wrong side of mirror, your choice is Mr Wrong. But, if you open your eyes, Mr. Wright will be your possible catch, not just prince from dream.

Guest Post by Kristina Gallo

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I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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