Somebody switched on a light

My dear friend, Monica, has launched a great campaign entitled “Guest Post”, where she offers her blog platform for interesting stories. It is very generous of her, do not you think so? I do! I should emphasize that this post is written specially for her, since I treasure my friendship with her very much. Monica is a very unique person with many talents and a KIND HEART; she feels this world deeply and faces every challenge with dignity. She inspires me…

I confess I though a lot before being able to write anything. Sometimes I have a kind of idea blockade in my head when my brain is as blank as a sheet of paper. Thus, I took it as a challenge and decided to try to outsmart my own brain. How about that? Will you dare? A curiosity worm has entered my brain. Being curious about anything leads to in-depth knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps my brain is not that empty as I thought. Probably there is no light in my brain’s room at the moment.


Light is switched off due to energy saving. Brain is the most complicated organ that dictates its own rules. Such a complex structure with lots of functions. Therefore, Mister Brain switches off light to make us thoughtless and blind as rats. To enhance our sensitivity, make us more feelings oriented. That does not sound bad. In fact, human beings need it as water. Frequently people think too much and feel less. Or think too much and do less. I may belong to that group of people as well. A huge amount of thoughts, images, stories and… I run free. That is not fair, Mr Brain, that was not our deal. I expected that you will help me to achieve some results; you will satisfy my constant search for perfect sentences and brilliant plots.

Finally, you will make me a writer, a real one! However, Mr Brain thinks differently. He has his own plans regarding my persona. And what these plans are I am even afraid to imagine. Wait a minute, as I was talking to you I did not recognize that SOMEBODY SWITCHED ON A LIGHT! I can see my thoughts again! Thank you, Monica!

Hope I still look modest enough after advertising my little designs.

I am extremely grateful and honored to be a guest here!

Love you all!

Guest Post by Ann from Anroworld

Ann 200x200


I am quite a creative person. As you may recognize from my posts I do like photographing and filming. Honestly, it has always been my dream to make movies, I am still crazy about it, although I am still a hopeless amateur.

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7 thoughts on “Somebody switched on a light

  1. “Monica is a very unique person with many talents and a KIND HEART; she feels this world deeply and faces every challenge with dignity. She inspires me…” So very truly said! And I could not agree more! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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