Crucifix for mistress

These days is popular new viral hit: two fat married women beat mistress in bikini because she has stolen their husbands. Nobody involved in that street fight, poor mistress was half naked and two Godzilla women made revenge.

Really, what would you think at first, if you were cheated? To kill the bitch, slap her, make her ashamed? That is first instinct which that two women made real. Well, if they expected that people will clap hands, they are wrong. Only minority will approve this savage act, and mostly will ask: what is with husbands, will they get kick in their asses? After all, husband started this. In such situations, woman’s logic fails, they will not blame husbands because “he is seduced”, “he was drunk”, “we had conflict and I did not want to sleep with him”, “he wanted to make me jealous.” This bunch of excuses will pass over their mind, without question what is wrong with them and their marriage.

I will not say that it can happen to anybody. Human species in not identified with angels. We are indeed not monogamous. Well, there is difference between humans and animals: control over your desires and moral standards. Obligations, loyalty and conscience. After all, you can go if you don’t feel good in marriage. If street cat likes few cats, he will jump on them. If I like another men, I will look at them and walk away because I am already taken. There is difference between short sparks and eternal flame.

Now here is another part, why some women have problem with unfaithful husband?

I will say few reasons, mostly in common:

Woman gets fat in marriage.

Without chauvinism, I am realistic when I say that getting fat is not sexy. Don’t blame him if he starts to stare around.

Couples are constantly arguing.

Small conflicts, from time to time are stimulative. Big conflicts without ending are not recommended. We are tired from work, and imagine when you are coming home and instead of dinner there is topic about your failed personality.

Couples have no topic to talk about.

When you are both silent, troubles are on the way.

Couples are too busy to work on marriage.

Always is another thing more important. Your kids, your job, your washing machine. What about him?

Now, I start to look on these two women with pity. What if they tried to fight back, in a way to find lover? Very hard. First, they need to lose at weight. Then, they need to calm down otherwise all men will runaway from them. Also, they must look inside into their marriage. Really, do you want to cook to unfaithful husband, you want to wash and iron his laundry after he had sex with another woman? You want to sleep with him after another woman touched him?

It is very easy to be mistress. Once I was dating with engaged man. We dated three times. He said that he will introduce me as his boss at work. After his mother saw me, she asked him “Where is your fiance?” This made me thinking, I don’t want to be in this relation. They already redecorated flat, but he got bored with bills, furniture and now he needs to feel young again. I gave up because I felt sorry for this fiance.

Now, when I am thinking as wife, it is not easy to be wife. You are completely in this. This is not only your fantastic skills in bed, your makeup and clothes, your smile. This is bunch of dirty plates, socks, bills, family, and other things. This is responsibility. What happens wrong, some women get lost in responsibilities and forget to date with their husbands. Imagine that guy who falls in love in young, slim woman, and 20 years after he saw big Godzilla who threats him with dirty fork because he did not clean the table?

I recommend women to be wiser than mistress. Don’t spend all your money on furniture, it is not important what kind of color and shape is your kitchen. Spend part of money on your physical look, remind your partner that you are still desirable and don’t eat whole hamburger in front of him. Talk with another men. Add them on your social network. Your husband must feel that you are still unavailable for him, in some sense.

Forget paddle and fight. Even if you break slut’s legs, she will still be there and wait your partner if he gets mad. You will just give her additional points, to feel as lame victim with broken bones. Also you might get to court and pay money penalty or serve into jail, because your acts were faster than your mind. 

Guest Post by Kristina Gallo

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I am writing short stories about human psychology. My view is ironic and objective, and examples are from real life. During life, i was always suffering in relations caused by my wrong choices. I want to forward what i learned.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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45 thoughts on “Crucifix for mistress

  1. Men cheat their wives cause their shapes changed due to having babies & life struggles, women never cheat on their men no matter how they’re or look! I saw many years ago a female on Oprah program & she’s disabled(without her 4 limps) & her husband was a very good looking man & I asked myself (Does he ever think of cheating on her,because of the way she’s?!), some men are worse than animals & all what you can do for them is to WALK AWAY!

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    • I would not agree with you Samia. Women also cheat men with more younger and handsome men, also with deeper pocket, that is routine nowadays. Difference is in attitude, how long someone will suffer and when person will walk away.
      Oprah program is not measure of values , since Dr. Phill was accussed for fraud.

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      • I’d rather focus on the example of the (Kind handsome husband who is fighting for his wife’s life) & being with her every step of her difficult & challenging journey! You have here men cheating coz the wife gained weight, what is that?! I think they aren’t humans, apologize, they may look like men, but with the attitude of PIGS! So if he doesn’t find you sexy & he’s into S***, leave him in/with it.

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  2. I got. Very good laugh from this post Mopano. I did find the advice chauvinistic but realize insome cultures women are judged by the ability to find and keep a husband . Heaven forbid she should gain weight but she must prepare delicious meals for her man and if he is obese that is ok. He is a man. Enjoyed!

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    • I agree with you. Here in Eastern Europe, it was exactly how you said for decades. Many women were terrorized by their husbands. Fortunately, in recent years things have changed.

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    • Dear heartafire, if she prepares meals to her man it doesn’t mean that she must become a whale. I am wife and i also prepare meals but my weight is normal. I did not say in post that man has right to cheat, but what this women did is material for judgment. Beat another woman in the middle of the street is criminal act, did you think about this?

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      • Dear Kristinagallo, there is never an excuse for violence and stooping to these depths is to drop to the level of the lowest common denominator. Putting that aside and moving on to your ideas, obviously the double standard still exists. You want to place the blame for this cheater on the victim, and commonly that is the woman. You place the self worth of a woman on her appearance apparently under the impression that is all she has going for her. Her ability to hold her man is the basis of her self esteem. Welcome to the 21st. century. We need to stop teaching our daughter,s and son’s that their value lies in how they are perceived by the opposite sex or a particular man or woman or society in general. We need to build their self esteem and cognition that their happiness lies within themselves. If a man or woman wants to cheat on their spouse they will find a way, an excuse if necessary. The spouse can then decide to work with this realization or kick the cheating spouse to the curb.

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  3. Sound thoughts except for fat; although I agree it is not attractive, if you really love someone and they fatten over the years, that is no reason to look elsewhere. In any case it is the husbands who deserve the anger

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  4. I loved the guest post Kristina and Monica. I think that the reasons for infidelity are not isolated to one side. Both can find myriad reasons for ‘stepping out’. While some people may have superficial reasons, others have more deep rooted reasons. I have seen men leave their gorgeous looking wife for someone much less attractive. Why? Perhaps the relationship needed something far more profound.

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    • Thank you The V Pub. For sure every adventure has reason. As much as it pains, couple will decide together what to do after. I don’t think fight is solution, things will be just worse. I think cheated person can’t beat every mistress in the corner, because if it happens once, it will happen again.

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  5. Wow, its amazing that people are going to such low depths and seeking revenge. But revenge from whom? What did this act of violence resolve?

    Their husbands cheated, it was their choice. The woman engaged in adultery it was her fault. But this public humiliation and physically beating another human being achieved what?

    It’s a great post, and I just posted about this very type of negative behaviour that people are starting to openly embrace.

    Hatred is going to resolve nothing. They beat up this woman, but their husbands will go cheat with someone else tomorrow.

    They need to understand that either they failed to love their husbands enough or their husbands failed to love them. But these vengeful and hateful actions are not the solution. They need to discuss and resolve their own emotional issues first.

    Great choice for a guest post Monica! Cheers 👍👍

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