Suntem îngeri și demoni – We are angels and demons


Destinul nostru e în mâinile noastre și doar noi avem puterea de a ne găsi menirea în această lume

Uneori, doar noi suntem cei ce ne dăm voie și ne punem limite. Ne arătăm și ne ascundem. Visăm și ne trezim. Ne susținem și ne descurajăm. Ne iubim și ne urâm. Ne salvăm și ne distrugem. Suntem îngerii si demonii noștri.

Mâinele noastre sunt cele care ajută și cele care omoară… Destinul nostru e în mâinile noastre și doar noi avem puterea de a ne găsi menirea în această lume. Dar din păcate… Uneori nu suntem nici măcar noi în stare să ne facem inima să bată… Pierdem controlul propriei vieți.

upsetNe încurcăm prin gânduri… Ne izolăm de sentimente și după un timp le vrem înapoi… Fugim de inimă ca, mai târziu, sa o căutăm în locul unde am lăsat-o… Vrem ajutor… Vrem iubire… Vrem să fim fericiți… Dar nu facem multe pentru asta… Vrem sa țintim luna de pe cer, dar ne mulțumim daca atingem luna din apă

Țipăm în interior, ne izolăm, dar vrem atenție

Ne impunem să facem ce trebuie, uitând de ceea ce ne dorim și ne pierdem pe drumul spre fericire… Fugim, dar ne căutăm în neștire, iubim, dar ne urâm pe noi, găsim, dar pierdem din prostie, visăm, dar abandonăm fără să realizăm, nu vorbim, dar țipăm în interior, ne izolăm, dar vrem atenție.

Dacă nici măcar noi nu știm ce vrem, ce facem? Cum putem să ne alegem drumul dacă noi suntem indeciși și nesiguri? Eu zic că orice am face, pășim puțin câte puțin spre fericire, iar într-o zi… Ne vom găsi drumul și vom avea control asupra propriei vieți.


Our destiny is in our hands and only we have the power to find our purpose in this world

Sometimes we allow us to do things or we build barriers in our way. We show ourselves or we hide from others. We dream and we wake up. We support ourselves and discouraged ourselves, too. We love ourselves and we hate ourselves. We save ourselves and we destroy ourselves. We are our angels and demons. 

Our hands are those which help and those which kill… Our destiny is in our hands and only we have the power to find our purpose in this world. But… Sometimes there is not possible even for us to make our heart beat… We lose control over our own life.

upsetWe are lost through thoughts… We isolate ourselves from feelings and after a while we want them back… We run away from the heart and later we seek for it where we left it… We want help… We want love… We want to be happy… But we do not that much… We want to reach the moon, but we are thankful if we touch the moon in the water…

We scream inside, we isolate ourselves, but we want attention

We want so much to do the right thing, forgetting what we really want and we lose ourselves on the road to happiness… We run, but we always seek for ourselves. We love, but we hate ourselves. We find, but we lose because of our own stupidity. We dream, but we abandon without realizing something. We do not speak, but we scream inside. We isolate ourselves, but we want attention.

If we do not know what we want, what we do? How do we choose our path if we are indecisive and insecure? I say that whatever we do, we walk little by little to happiness, and one day… We will find the way and we will have control over our own lives.

98 thoughts on “Suntem îngeri și demoni – We are angels and demons

  1. Between our birth and death, we all walk through the wilderness. Each of us make his or her own decision at every step of the walk. We are free to make whatever decision we want to make. And when the final moment comes, there will be answers to whatever questions we have. Whichever directions we walk, what we need is the strength to walk. So I want to be strong, and I want you, Monica, to be strong also because we are walking through the same world of wilderness together. 🙂

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    • I understand what you say, Ashi. But you know that sometimes we lose the way. And we need someone to put us on the right way, again. To show us the right way. You are one of this few people who walk along with me and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart ❤

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      • I’m just in the darkness as you might be, Monica. The fact is that I have gambled countless times so far in my life in choosing the ways I took when I was lost. I don’t know whether my choices were right or wrong. I may have the answer someday. In the meantime, I love to exchange views on future choices to make with you, Monica. 🙂

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        • I am here, Ashi, and I will try to learn from your vast experience. My father says that life is easy, we are those who complicate it. Sometimes I think he’s right 🙂

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          • Your father is perfectly right, Monica. I agree with him completely. But what I don’t understand is why such a complicated reason behind us to make our life so complicated. Why do we love complications and suffer? 🙂

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            • I don’t know. Maybe because people lie too often? And because of that, we do not believe in anyone? And even they tell the truth, we try to find out hidden meanings? I really do not know, Ashi 😦

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  2. A nice portrait of indecisiveness which we all suffer once in while. You are right there are two sides of our thoughts, actions and expectations. We say one thing; mean the other. We ask one thing; expect other…so on…But whatever the situation…the choice always rests with us.

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    • My father says that adolescence is an age of questions. That now my character is created. But as you also say Mann, I have many questions and very few answers. Maybe sometimes I expect to much from others or from myself. I really don’t know. Probably I have a lot to wait and learn untill everything will be clear.

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  3. Thats the anxiety an adolescent has in his/her mind but Monica indecisiveness hardly serves any purpose. Somewhere we cant throw our life at the mercy of nature. If we know it is raining outside we can at least protect ourselves a bit by holding an umbrella but the rain cant be stopped. Your lovely thought makes you elder by five years at least and who can guess by watching u in person that such a bful girl has wonderful head on her shoulders. Keep mesmerizing Monica

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  4. My gosh, what a beautiful post. We are indeed all human with a huge spectrum of emotions, contradictions and challenges which line our journey. And all we can ever do is continue to take a step forward each day. Exquisitely written.

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  5. Beautiful words. You made me remember how it felt to touch the moon in the water. Thank you. I’m planning now where to take my children so they can know this joy 🙂 Stephen

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  6. Ce bine ar fi dacă ne-am găsi inima acolo unde am lăsat-o! Uneori (eu cel puțin!) o lăsăm în locul cel mai nepotrivit, în mâinile / mintea cuiva care nu merită. Doar că realizăm asta abia când ne trezim “fără” inimă. Te puup 😘

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  7. Good morning Mona 😊

    We seem to have a very similar taste for metaphorical railroad photographs — I sure like that & that’s the way life goes 😏

    I send you a warm hug & wish you a wonderful week & thank you very much as ever for your amazing support!!!

    Yours lyrically,
    Micah 💛💛💛

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