8 thoughts on “Fears, Tears and Life control – 01

  1. Very true! Sometimes I just want to be left alone. Lay down and veg out. Don’t want to deal with people, hold up conversations, do homework, cook or go out. BUT, I have to. It’s just what has to be done.


  2. Sometimes the mask has to come off. And we just have to be vulnerable and let it all out. We’re only human after all. But then we continue. Take care my friend. xo


  3. Unfortunately, it happens, but the point is how we can fight against it, there are some good methods! You are so attentive, Mon, you notice so many things! I suppose you can be a good philosopher, didn’t you think about it yet? By the way, I would like to ask you, if you let me, do you know whom you want to be? I mean your profession…please share your secrets!


    • I don’t know yet, Ann. I want to be a lawyer, or a journalist, or psychologist. Or maybe a blogger and a wanderer. To conquer the world and write about that.


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