I’m only exist for you within you

Imagine I’m your heart, and I’ll say

Whatever you do to me, don’t be sorry

For I’m only exist for you within you

My job is to pump in courage, power, energy…

Anything you need for you to live your life as you choose


Source: Google Image

I’m only pleased to do what I must do

You are climbing up to the summit

You’ll stumble over a rock on your way

It hurts your toes unbearable, I know

You’ll have a raw scratch on your arm bleeding

Share whatever the pain and ache with me

Let’s bear them together and walk on together

When you are down and almost give up

I’ll start pumping like crazy so you stand up again

I can do that because I’m fueled by love for you

Only what I ask of you

When you reach the summit

Breathe in cool air into me

With your arms high up

I will swell with such a tremendous joy

That you will feel together 

This is an astonishing poem written by my dear Grandpa from Japan, AshiAkira, in response to my post “My dear heart, forgive me!“. Thank you Ashi for your beautiful words!

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