Fuga în cerc – Run in a circle



Umbre-03Our minds plays tricks on us… Some words we use changes its meaning and we understand something else…

For example we use the word “must” more often than necessary. We substitute “want” with must… We say “must” do something we like, and this tired us. We feel obliged to do something that brings joy to us and, unfortunately, we stress for nothing.

Another word which plays with our minds is “try”. In Romanian the word is made up of “in” and “cerc (circle)” as a run in a circle. This word is used as an excuse to avoid what we have to do. There are many other examples…

Many words plays with our subconscious and conscious and tired us physically and mentally just because we use them too often.


Umbre-03Mintea noastră ne joacă feste… Unele cuvinte pe care le folosim îşi schimbă sensul şi le înţelegem altfel…

De exemplu folosim cuvântul “trebuie” mai des decât e necesar. Înlocuim “vrem” cu trebuie… Spunem că “trebuie” să facem ceva ce ne place, iar acest lucru ne obosește. Ne simțim obligați să facem ceva ce ne aduce bucurie şi din păcate ne stresăm pentru nimic.

Un alt cuvânt care se joacă cu mintea noastră este “încerc”. În română acest cuvânt este format din “în” şi “cerc”, ca o fugă în cerc. Acest cuvânt e folosit ca scuză pentru a evita ceea ce trebuie să facem. Sunt multe exemple de dat aici…

Multe cuvinte se joacă cu conștientul şi subconștientul nostru şi ne obosesc fizic şi psihic doar pentru că le utilizăm prea des.

25 thoughts on “Fuga în cerc – Run in a circle

  1. Hi Monica, I am watching a Hindi Movie where the heroine is Romanian and the picturesque location seem awesome. Your country is bful

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  2. Your mind is delving into an important aspect of our society. Words are for communication among the people. But in communicating, we are afraid of taking off the masks we are wearing to hide our true selves. (You talked about these masks and you know.) So we often use words that don’t really reflect what we truly have in mind. This is necessary for the people to getting along with each other. But this is a lie all the same. And we get tired by lying to each other. We want to rest. And we can rest only by finding someone with whom we don’t have to lie. We need someone we can communicate from heart to heart in honest words. Someone we can find it comfortable to be with and find tremendous power to fully live our life together. Such someone is the one you will fall in love with. You know all this without my telling you. Right?

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  3. Hi Monica, yes we must be careful in the words we use. I agree must is not a helpful word. It takes away our choice. It makes us feel even more guilty if we don’t do it. You are a wise soul.

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  4. I don’t know what to say here, I am not good at telling truth always or lies as well. It’s so complicated sometimes that I hardly knew where and how you should say something! But ti’s good you make us think about it!

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