Lupul alb – The White Wolf

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Lupul alb este un solitar ca și mine

Revin la Grădina Zoologică din Viena pentru că pe lângă toate animalele superbe care erau acolo a fost unul care mi-a atras atenția în mod special, Lupul Alb. O fac poate și pentru că el este un solitar la fel ca și mine.

Lupul Alb era găzduit într-un areal special cu pădure, pe un deal. Ceea ce mi-a atras atenția a fost că lupul avea un anumit traseu pentru plimbările sale prin pădure astfel încât să fie văzut din orice parte ai fi fost. Nu știu dacă așa a fost dresat sau pur și simplu era un gest reflex al său.

Vă las să-l admirați așa cum am făcut și eu :)


The White Wolf is a solitary like me

I write again about Vienna Zoo because in addition to all the great animals that were there was one that caught my attention, in particular, the White Wolf. I do it perhaps because he is a loner like me.

The White Wolf is housed in a special area with woods, on a hill. What caught my attention was that the wolf has a route for his walks through the woods so as to be seen from any part you are. I do not know if that was trained or simply it’s a reflex of him.

I let you admire him as I did 🙂


34 thoughts on “Lupul alb – The White Wolf

  1. They talk of the “lone wolves” but they are not loners. They have the habit of forming strong “family” ties just like we do. It’s because of this that there is a rural village in Japan that has a religion in which the believers worship the wolves as the errands of their god. This religion may be hundreds of years old. But they still keep their custom of offering some food every night at a certain place. The wolves are considered to be extinct in this country. But, when the food would be gone by the next day, they firmly maintain that it has been eating by the wolves. The wolf that was killed by a senseless hunter about 100 years ago was believed to be the last one of them alive. The stuffed specimen of the killed wolf is still kept. There are some people who strongly believe that the Japanese wolves are not extinct. They are looking for some evidence to prove they still exist alive in the mountainous area where the village is, using infrared cameras and other modern equipment. Monica, you say you are a “lone wolf”, but you are not. There are many people who are thinking of you all the time. I am, of course, one of them as your grandpa. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I enjoy trying to understand the Romanian version first before confirming with the English version how much I understood or missed. I spent one year in Romania almost 40 years ago and then two years in Moldova 15 years later. I’m pleased to have found your blog.

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