Today I am 17

For Monica, for you 17

Seven-teen, seven-teen, you are seven-teen today

Seven-teen, seven-teen, what is seven-teen?

A flower bud begins to swell and shows what color when it grows to a flower

That is seven-teen

What color will you be?

The pink of roses with elegance, beauty and fragrance?

The white of a large chrysanthemum with dignity?

The bright yellow of dandelions with strength?

mopana-me-01Whatever your color will be

There is no pink if there is no white

There is no white if there is no yellow

That’s how the world is made, you know that

There is happiness because there is sadness

There is pleasure because there is displeasure

There is nothing that can exist alone in this world

You know that, too


You’ll go through happiness, sadness, and all that

But come what may you’ll never buckle under anything

Thousands of miles away, but your grandpa sees you and knows

Your grandpa can feel with you, too, whatever feeling you’ll have

Happy birthday, my beautiful and intelligent Monica, my muse!

You are also strong xoxo ❤ 

This is the best gift ever from my Grandpa from Japan, AshiAkira.

I have no words to thank you Ashi.

I love you ❤ 

Candles in the wind” is what you can admire on my photo blog 🙂

232 thoughts on “Today I am 17

  1. Monica, dearest friend!! Happy Birthday! I was shocked to learn you are only 17 years old because your wisdom is beyond your age! May your very very special day bring to you Gifts from Heaven!!! Much Love, Amy ❤

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  2. Geburtstag Glückwünsche
    Egy angyal kíséri mindig a módját és a tettek,
    ő fog kezdeni szépen minden nap az élet.
    Az angyalod mindig állni melletted,
    vele akkor mindig tisztán látni, még a nehéz időkben.
    Ő megvédi Önt és állni akkor,
    akkor menj el méltósággal és az öröm.
    Minden ‘kívánunk ezen a napon ezeket a dolgokat!

    A köszöntés manapság az utazás,
    csendben, titokban és csendben.
    Meg kell elérni a mérlegelés Ünnepségek
    És hozza csak a legjobb.
    Ezen kívül, sok örömöt, boldogságot, vidám & Gifts,
    Ma te vagy az az ember, gondolkodom!
    Minden a legjobb a születésnapodra!

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    • Multumesc din suflet. Cred ca o sa raman copil pentru ca se poate. Tata e asa :)) E, cum spune el, un adolescent intarziat 😀 Deci e in familie. ❤
      Toate cele bune si tie!

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  3. Happy belated birthday, dear Monica! Or as Akira San would say: otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu! 🙂

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend together with your dearest people. And stay young at heart, always!

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