Flowers fragrance

I love spring as much as I love winter. I love when nature is reborn. I love the green. I love the flowers scent in the air. I love the warmth of the sun. I love the chirping of the birds and the buzz of bees. For all of that, I dedicate this haiku to you and to the spring. 🙂

Red, blue, yellow, green

Flowers fragrance in the air

Colors of the spring

You can see more “Delicate flowers” on my photo blog, here

So many colors

To decorate your garden

Heart filled with new hope 

a gorgeous Haiku

from my dear friend AshiAkira

63 thoughts on “Flowers fragrance

  1. Wow Monica. Such beautiful flowers. They make us feel like happy and blossoming. And also both the haikus are amazing, from you and Ashi. . Just refreshing my mind. Thanks for sharing. Have a great time. 🙂

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  2. Oh dearest friend how this post lifted my spirits so high and I was saying to myself soon soon I shall see this color in my own gardens. I was just this day outside photographing my Crocuses. Your flowers are gorgeous, just yummy!!! Your haiku is perfect! I LOVE SPRING!!!! ❤

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