Lumea zice că-s nebună :) – People say I am mad

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Mulți din cei care treceau pe lângă mine mă priveau ciudat

De cele mai multe ori subiectele pentru blog le găsesc pe stradă. Fie că mă plimb, că mă duc la liceu sau la cumpărături, ceva îmi apare în cale. Poate că ați observat deja. Și asta pentru că la aproape toate posturile am fotografii făcute de mine.

Așa s-a întâmplat și acum. Mergeam pe stradă (ok, pe trotuar) și, deodată, am realizat cât de frumos se văd copacii goi în bălțile lăsate de ploaie.

Normal, am început să fac fotografii. Mulți din cei care treceau pe lângă mine mă priveau ciudat :). Mă credeau probabil nebună. Nu am zis nimic și mi-am văzut de treabă. De ce? Pentru că îmi place să postez pe blog și pentru că am văzut că și vouă, prietenii mei, vă place ce fac.

Așadar, iată câteva din fotografiile făcute pe stradă.

Dacă v-au plăcut și vreți să vedeți mai multe, căutați aici: “Toamna văzută într-un ochi de apă


Many people who walked near me looked at me weird

I find most of the topics for my blog on the street. Whether I’m walking, I go to school or shopping, there is always something in my way. You may have noticed already. This is because almost all my posts have pictures taken by me.

Has happened also for this post. I was walking on the street (ok, sidewalk), and suddenly I realized how beautiful bare trees can be seen in puddles left by rain.

Naturally, I began to take pictures. Many people who walked near me looked at me weird :). They probably thought me crazy. I did not say anything and I let them go. Why? Because I like to post on the blog and I saw that you, my friends, like what I do.

So here are some pictures that were taken on the street.

If you liked them and want to see more, you can visit my photoblog here: “Fall seen in an eye of water” 

Beauty through your sense
That is the true poetry
Must be shared with all

by AshiAkira, my friend who never stop to amaze me

39 thoughts on “Lumea zice că-s nebună :) – People say I am mad

  1. you seem to be a very good observer indeed. This is what makes you such a great writer. Nature is the best mentor of all.
    My sister’s been to Romania and from what I hear from her, the place is heaven. 🙂

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  2. Great post…Thank you for pointing me in this direction. Have you had people ask what you are making a photograph of? That has happened to me. People have asked, what is it you’re trying to make a picture of. But, I know how things will look when I am done editing and such and how the camera and light will work together. And now I also know about your photo blog – Happiness! Cheers!

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    • No I had not have. But you know why? Because when I do photographs I am so concentrated that I don’t hear anybody. And I don’t care if they ask me something. Let’s say I am a little bit crazy :)) Yeap, I am glad you found my photo blog. I hope you will enjoy my little amateur experiment. All the photos were made with my phones: Iphone 5 C or Samsung S3 🙂


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