How to make muscles easier and more than fast

Let me tell you a little story! 

A magical night in Vienna. A stroll on a beautiful shopping boulevard. Me and my father feeling very good. Looking for souvenirs. We see a nice emporium. We try to get in. But a bodyguard doesn’t allow us to enter. He says that it is time to close. It doesn’t matter. We want to go further. But we can’t.

Right in front of us we see something magical. A magical mirror. A mirror which change the shape of our bodies. It makes us taller, but also thinner. We have a lot of fun. We laugh a lot. And then, we observe another change. If we put our hands perpendicularly on the mirror we have big muscles. Like Popeye 🙂 And we don’t even ate spinach.

Wow! We laugh again. And we realize that we just found the way to make muscles easier and more than fast.

Below you find the photo gallery and you can laugh with us or at us 😀


Father and daughter competition

Taking too far

Muscles muscles, how you are

Coming up like frog

Over the bone bar

Muscles muscles, how you are

a poem by my friend SAN_jeet

81 thoughts on “How to make muscles easier and more than fast

  1. Let’s see, the mirror makes you taller, skinnier and with big muscles…That is one great mirror, Monica. Having a mirror like that would be a lot easier than all of the working out I have to do (and still don’t have big muscles).

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  2. Thank you for sharing such an amusing post, it made me smile this Sunday morning, fresh and lovely as always, my dear friend. Loves, have a great Sunday !!!

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  3. It’s nice to see fathers and daughters getting along so well. In the united states we see a lot of issues like that. If you ever have the time to comment on my stories then that would be great. The opinion matters very much and we want you to be heard

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    • My dad is my best friend 🙂
      I’ve already read one of your stories, but you’re right I had no time to comment. But be sure I will do it in a short time. 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words!


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