About friendship, blogging and awards

As many of you already know, I am not into any kind of award. And the most embarrassing thing is to reject a nomination. Three of my nicest friends in the WordPress world, Arohii, David and Joanne has nominated my blog for three different kind of awards.

Rather than accepting nominations… I would like to point you to their amazingly blogs.

Arohii has an awesome blog where she celebrate the joy of life. She write beautiful posts about fashion, food, music and so on.

David has also an amazing blog where he help people to build the perfect body. He write about that, but also about his trips and life.

Joanne‘s blog is gorgeous, too. She loves to write about fashion, nails, makeup and many other things.

All three are very beautiful people and they deserve this post. 

I encourage you to visit their blogs and to follow them. You will not be disappointed. Au contraire you will be enchanted. 🙂

Thank you, my friends for being with me in this amazing journey in the blogosphere.

With love,

Monica ❤



33 thoughts on “About friendship, blogging and awards

  1. Salut Monica,

    those are my sentiments exactly! I absolutely second that! You took the words right of my mouth, so to speak — thanks a million 😊

    Have a wonderful day &
    Fondest regards,
    Micah 😊

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