Beauty and spirituality in northern Romania.

If you want inner peace and beauty at the same time you have to visit this place given by God with all these gifts. 

Maramures, Romania – Barsana Monastery

An article which worth reading, photos which worth to be seen.

View from the Monastery

Experience Romania

In the heart of Maramures, hidden between rolling hills and quaint villages, you will find the Barsana Monastery. I have called Maramures the keeper of traditions. This monastery, although only recently built, has kept tradition by constructing its buildings out of wood in the typical Maramures style. You will notice the wood is a light color, not yet darkened by the elements, as is the wood of the hundred-year old wooden churches dotting the Maramures landscape. Impeccably kept grounds, beautiful architecture, a place of spirituality and peace.

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34 thoughts on “Beauty and spirituality in northern Romania.

  1. Bonsoir JEUNE FILLE
    Le Bonheur est une plume
    La plus légère qui soit
    Jamais assez belle pour toi
    Ma Plume je la partage avec toi
    Le Bonheur se cueille comme une fleur
    Il faut prendre soin avec précaution
    Il faut attention que celui-ci ne se fane pas
    Par ces petits mots de Bonheur
    Passe une agréable soirée
    Prends bien soin de toi
    Bises , Bernard

    Je t’offre un petit café ou tisane

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  2. Noapte bună, prieteni dragi,
    Să visați doar ingerași,
    Ce se plimbă pe un nor
    Să vă spuna somn ușor!
    Să vă sufle peste gene
    Împreună cu Moș Ene
    Să vă legene ușor,
    Noapte bună tuturor!

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  3. Seen great mountains from Barsana. Wasn’t that much impressed with the monastery though since it was brand new. Yet once it’s finished it might serve many generations and become a monument itself!

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