Căluțul magic – Magic horse



The third meeting with horses came quick!

Film calarie rapidAnd, again, the horse (Artemis) changed my mood! I was coming after a long and tiring day at high school. I wasn’t in the mood for a chat. I wasn’t in the mood for anything. The moment I boarded the saddle, everything has changed. I felt an immense joy and all the stress vanished by magic. It was something magic. The world was once again mine.

Lesson could begin. I did exercises to maintain balance in the saddle during the trot. What fatigue? What stress? Artemis has made all to disappear.


Film calarie rapidȘi a venit și a treia întâlnire cu căluții!

Și, din nou, calul (Artemis) mi-a schimbat starea de spirit! Veneam după o zi lungă și obositoare la liceu. N-aveam chef de vorbă. N-aveam chef de nimic. În clipa în care m-am urcat în șa, totul s-a schimbat. O bucurie imensă a pus stăpânire pe mine și tot stresul a dispărut ca prin farmec. A fost ceva magic. Lumea era din nou a mea.

Lecția putea să înceapă. Am făcut exerciții pentru menținerea echilibrului în șa, în timpul trapului. Ce oboseală? Ce stres? Artemis mi le luase cu… copita.

27 thoughts on “Căluțul magic – Magic horse

  1. I was 16 when I sat on the horseback for the time in my life. It was just a pleasure ride on the horse that was trained to walk around a preset track in the skirt of the Mt. Fuji. But I remember, as soon as I sat on the saddle, the earth suddenly sank down far below my eyes. The earth became all mine and I had such a pleasant feeling. You must have the same sort of the feeling. I’m glad for you. Enjoy fully! 🙂


  2. Ah yes, Monica…the activities we love and feel passionate about can make all the stress and cares of the day go away. It is important to find these things in our lives. I’m glad you found this in Artemis. For me it is getting out on the weekend with my camera. Cheers =)


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  4. I adore horses and would love to go riding. I live in a very popular tourist area and there are numerous stables and horseback riding available..BUT it is very expensive due to the tourism. Have promised myself at lest one good ride this year.

    A lovely post. Thank you. 🌵

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