Paradisul meu – My Paradise



A part of heaven is on earth. I saw it these days whilst I was in the mountains. It’s magical this place! Here everything is amazing: the tranquility, the scenery, the air. 

In the following photographs I hope you will feel at least some of the emotions that I experienced myself 🙂 Anyway, there are a lot photos to come. Stay tuned!

About Predeal, the location where I made the photos, you can read more here.

Please do not forget to give a chance to my photo blog. There you will find beautiful amateur photos. Click here!


O parte a raiului se află pe Pământ. Eu l-am văzut zilele acestea cât am fost la munte. E magic acest loc! Sunt uimitoare liniștea, priveliștea, aerul.

În următoarele fotografii sper să simțiți măcar o parte din emoțiile pe care le-am trăit eu :Am multe fotografii de împărtășit cu voi așa că stați aproape!


Nu uitați să dați o șansă și blogului meu de fotografii. Veți găsi acolo multe și superbe imagini din natură. Click here!

79 thoughts on “Paradisul meu – My Paradise

      • Welcome. Of course you did a lot. For starters you have the beautiful soul that shows you when something is beautiful and worth capturing, which is in itself a great start. Then you also have the skills to make it a good picture and not something half-baked 😀 . I do agree with you that what you found was gorgeous. Keep finding such beautiful things sweet Monica. I was about to tell you about Derrick who has lovely pictures too then remembered I saw you comment on his page so you are already following him 🙂

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        • I have no words to answer you, Geetha. You’re wonderful. Thanks ❤
          Yes, I do know Derrick. He’s a painter. All that he writes, all his stories looks like a picture. I mean, he’s so picturesque. And his photos are gorgeous.

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  1. Oh, Monica, thank you so much for taking me into Paradise with you!!! Incredible photographs as I just oohed and ahhed my way through. I really like the angle you took a lot of them at, accentuating lines. Beautiful post, my friend. ❤

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  2. •♥•
    _______________________♥♥ ♥ ♥

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