Oh, my goddess! Here I am.

by AshiAkira


On the high top of the mountain was a temple
No one knows who had built it
But a rumor had it that a goddess stood inside the temple
In her hands she held a cup of sweet nectar
The rumor also had it that whosoever reached her and drank the nectar
Would become the goddess’s most beloved one to live with her forever
Who would not want to reach her? And there was a man who was determined
He decided to spend all his life if he had to find the goddess and drink the nectar
But there wasn’t even a clear path to the temple but only wilderness
Years of hard effort but he could not even find a right path to the temple


Photo: flickrhivemind.net

He became too old to climb through the wilderness and he finally fell on the way
Good for him, the next morning a local girl climbed up the mountain on his way
The girl was collecting fallen twigs for her fireplace and found him
She kneeled to the ground by him and placed his head on her laps
She collected morning dews from grass leaves around her on her palm
And she poured the water into his mouth
The water eventually flowed deep down into his throat
It was as sweet as or even sweeter than the goddess’s nectar
He slowly opened his eyes and blearily saw her eyes watching him
He said but almost inaudibly, “Oh, my goddess! Here I am.”


This is AshiAkira response to my yesterday post “Imperfection is originality”.


Thanks Ashi for this amazing poem.


If you want to see beautiful snowy pictures, please give a chance to my photo blog here!


23 thoughts on “Oh, my goddess! Here I am.

  1. You, Monica, often drag me into a deep thought by your sharp observation of the world expressed in your words and photos. “Imperfection is originality” really hit me. Perfect beauty like that of a goddess exists only in our mind, but beauty we can appreciate in our real world is originated by, say, an ordinary modest girl. That was, as I’m sure you noticed, was my thought in response. Thank you again for your kindness, Monica. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Bonjour MOPANA
    Ton amitié est importante pour moi
    Je me sens moins seul
    Tes petits messages chez moi
    C’est comme la flamme d’un feu de bois
    J’en éprouve de la joie
    Avec ces petits mots
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine à venir
    Du bonheur dans ta demeure
    Bises, Amitié, Bernard

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  3. We here normally have temples on high peaks and to get blessings of God or Godess in whose name it is made, people climb high mountains , walk through dense forests sometimes. While reading the story in the poetic form, I was having the visuals of something I have experienced. But Alas! No little girl ever come to rejuvenate when you feel like enough.:)


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