The night is for the bulb of lilies

The night is for the bulb of lilies
Confined alone in the darkness
Only thought goes on
Fears, the more frightening the better
Loneliness, more helpless the better
Sadness, deeper the better
For all are for the bulb to grow

The greater light to rule the day
That all living things grow and thrive
The night was given the lesser light
That the things be kept from death but suffer
The suffering in tears is most loved
Unnoticed but smile on the fight and struggle
Trembling inside the bulb from fears
For the bulb does not know, it is yet to know

Into the day of the greater light
The bulb will grow and bloom into flowers with fragrance
For the world in the bright light
Then it will know it all.

AshiAkira had wrote this beautiful poem in response to my post “The night, the devourer of souls“.

Thank you Ashi

for being such a good friend.

57 thoughts on “The night is for the bulb of lilies

  1. Thank you for reading the poem. I wrote it because, when I read your “The night…”, I remembered of an indescribable fear that took me over in the darkness of the night in bed when I was 10 or so. I would wish then my blankets had been infinitely big so that I could go under it deeper and deepwe to escape from the fear. Around that time Helen Keller, the deaf and blind American political activist, visited Japan and I vaguely remembered she said something like a flower bulb that stays the longer in the darkness in the ground the more beautiful flower it would bring out. That was in the back of my head when I wrote that for you. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful Poem! so I hope you are going to blossom and bloom into a beautiful flower and spread your sweet fragrance into this world. Love it my dear and I hope you find courage to carry on and know that we all are with you always. Your last post about those fears, well I just wanted you to know we all get them and it is pretty much because of over thinking process, i guess. Have a great day. Loves xoxo

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  3. Ashi wrote a brilliant poem. I could tell right away that it related to your entry about fear and anxiety at night. It is easy to keep ones mind occupied during the day, but the night can be difficult. The mind can wander to places we don’t want it to go. I wish you long, sunny, happy days and peaceful nights full of sleep. Cheers!

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  4. Ohhhh, how lovely. What a sweet gesture. I hope you are feeling better.
    This poem reminds me of the lessons we can learn from the bamboo tree. Did you know that the Bamboo tree, once it is planted, doesn’t show any signs of life for five years. However, during these five years, strong deep roots are growing underground that no one can see. Then when it sprouts and grows above ground, it grows to the length of a 9 story building in just six months. You can literally watch it grow right in front of your eyes.
    I actually wrote a poem once based on it. I love the story. It speaks to me of darkness and how those times of darkness, when nothing seems to be happening, and no growth seems to be developed, all-of-a-sudden, when the sun starts shining in our lives once again, we can see amazing, tremendous growth. It’s wonderful.

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