I was so upset…

I was so upset. For me, a winter with no snow is like Miami without beach. So, I wrote some haiku and I cried my anger. But right before publishing them on the blog, it snowed again. I publish them anyway to show you how upset I was.

No snow, no fun games

No snowmen and no snowballs

I am so upset


An uptight winter

With toothless smile on its face

The land ask for snow


It looks that somebody up there loves me. And now everything is like in a fairy tale.


Upset by misjudge
So what to nature’s big heart
Enjoy and it smiles

my dear friend AshiAkira

wrote again a wonderful Haiku

for me and you

53 thoughts on “I was so upset…

  1. Wonderful Monica. I am so glad that you finally got your heart’s fill of the snow you wanted so much. Enjoy it. I personally miss it so much and can understand you were unhappy 🙂

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  2. Chi chweet. You love snow so much?? I hope ur face is now glowing with snow right in your courtyard Enjoy snow ball with chocolate n coffee as scotch is beyond your age. Haha

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  3. You’re such a snow person! And snow didn’t want to miss you either and it finally said a Hi to you and I’m glad it did. 🙂

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  4. Enjoy the snow 🙂
    Having been born in India and having relatives in India I can tell you a lot of people in India are obsessed with snow. In fact my relatives always ask me to send photos of when it’s snowing in Poland. I know for a fact that there is a deep-rooted fascination of snow for people living in hot countries such as India where it has never snowed (excluding the himalaya mountainous region) and snow is something that is really alien to most people. People have asked me things like “How does it feel to hold?”, “Is it more beautiful in real life”, “Does it feel really cold”.

    P.s. write this answer while it has just started snowing 🙂

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  5. Haiku is great and yes, somebody does love you and brought you snowy weather, isn’t it great? We also have a lot of snow and it is still in process! Super winter weather! Waiting time to go out and make snowy pictures! Wonderful! Happy snowy day, dear Monica!

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