There are not so usual for me to be praised by someone.

Generally, only my Dad does it. Because he loves me as I am. Besides him, in real life, there are not too much people who do it. Yes I know, I’m often too difficult and too hard to understand.

Momo 001Here, in the blogosphere I have met a lot of people with whom I became friends and I read them with pleasure. They also read my posts and sometime they do something unusual for me. They compliment me when they like a post written by me.

My Dad also read my posts and the comments. And he is so proud of me. And that makes me so happy. I am happy when I make my Daddy proud.

And all that because of you. It’s your fault.

Guilty people:

So my dear friends, thank you for your beautiful words from the bottom of my heart. You make my day everyday. I am honored that I have known you.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas party along with your families and your friends!

62 thoughts on “(Un)usual

  1. What does it take for flowers to bloom
    Whatever they need nature provides
    So that they can bloom by themselves
    To be most beautiful

    What keeps them from being beautiful
    Whatever they don’t need to grow
    Too much or too little sunlight
    Will stop them from becoming nature’s treasure

    No man’s fuss needed
    Just see them in a distance
    They will grow and bloom as they must

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  2. Very touching, actually, dear Monica! I am happy that I met you too, it’s so nice to meet such a sensitive and sweet person as you are! I am very honored to be mentioned among your friends, thank you! You should always keep in mind that you are very special, never forget it! Wish you Merry and Happy Christmas and wonderful holidays time! Hugs and best wishes! Ann

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  3. Monica, thank you for counting me among your faithful supporters. I don’t mind being ‘guilty’ of this =) We’ve only known each other a short time but I also thank you for your support and friendship. Cheers!

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  4. Wünsche Dir ein frohes und Deiner Familie, besinnliches Weihnachtsfest,
    mit allen guten Wünschen für das Jahr 2016 besonders Gesundheit, viel Glück und Segen.
    Alles Liebe Lis

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  5. Gosh! you look so beautiful, I am not at all surprised, you are so sweet, you keep spoiling us with your sweet words, yes! guilty i am but it is my pleasure and will be always, thanks for being my friend as well. Keep smiling and Merry christmas once again, guess, it would be my 4th or 5th time 😀 Take care buddy and enjoy a lot, lovess :*

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  6. Merry Christmas to you also. Beautiful picture of you. X Even more beautiful is your words to your dad. Keep shining your light. Stephen

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      • Yes I did with my family and eating non veg all the day n night with cocktails. Haha. U know normally I don’t relish non veg but Xmas is a different occasion Why don’t u post your pic of Xmas celebration

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