Discover Bucharest : the perfect weekend getaway! May 2015 – Day 2 & 3

Today I offer you the second part of the trip that Danetigress did it in my beautiful town-Bucharest. I remind you that Danetigress is a citizen of the US and France, so is objective about my hometown. So, Danetigress Bucharest’s adventures with text and splendid pictures.



Day 2 : Saturday 

The next day I decided to wake up not too late in order to make the most of my stay in Romania. After a hearty continental breakfast at the hotel, I decided to get real about seeing the culture and visiting the Bucharest museums.

The first one the list was the National Museum of Art of Romania. It is located in the former royal palace in Revolution Square, central Bucharest, completed in 1837. The palace is beautiful and grandiose. It was built by a French architect Paul Gottereau. It’s also really big with no visible entrance points  ! I had to walk around the whole thing for like ten minutes to try and get in. Finally a cute little old lady took pity on me and spoke to me in very good French showing me the entrance through the side of the building. A sign…

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