Christmas meal: Romanian special – Caltabos

Caltabos – there is no word for that in others languages. Also, there are a lot of recipes. I will present you my grandfather’s recipe. I am telling you I do not eat caltabos but my father is in love with it :). The meat mixture is almost the same with the one for cabbage rolls, but here you use more rice.


1 thick pork intestine

½ kilo of pork

1 cup of rice

1 onion finely chopped

1 bay leaf



Method of preparation:

Chop the pork meat. Over the meat add onions, a teaspoon of salt, another of pepper and one of thyme. Then put the rice, which was washed well in advance.

Then, clean very well the pork intestine and fill it with meat mixture. Then, tie the ends of pork intestine and boil it in a pot of 3 liters. Add one bay leaf and a branch of thyme. Leave on low heat for one hour. Then remove from the heat and can eat warm.



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