Vienna’s Christmas Market~

I visited Vienna in the summer and liked it very much. It’s a wonderful city. I even asked my father why not stay to live there 🙂 Now that I saw photos posted by Cindy, I’m sorry that I went to Vienna this summer not now in Christmas time. Worth to see these pictures. And, above all, read Cindy’s lines 🙂

Vienna has the most dazzlingly beautiful Christmas Market.
The market is up and running before Advent, a month before Christmas.

The visual beauty is almost as remarkable as the people.

Everyday and every night for a month, people are at the market, eating, visiting, browsing, communing.
Children and families, young and old, everyone goes. Rain or shine.
Everyone absorbing the glorious spirit of the season.
Of course it is Vienna, so there is a violin tree!
I came home with a surge of Christmas spirit and decorated the biggest tree ever!
Cheers to you and may the Spirit of the Season fly into your heart, as it did to mine~

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24 thoughts on “Vienna’s Christmas Market~

  1. AMAZING! I really miss this. We don’t have Christmas markets here in Phoenix, so I miss the German Markets in Manchester and Birmingham in my home, England. Thanks for sharing.

    Also…I’ve started a blog challenge for my Fabulous Foodie blog and wanted to invite you to take part. Here is the link: . Please feel free to participate if and when you want this month 🙂

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  2. Vienna’s Christkindlmarkt truly is amazing. I used to live there for a while and would visit it almost every evening. The smells of orange peel and cloves…the twinkling lights, the sweet warm taste of Glühwein (mulled wine). Magical. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and reminding me of the good times.

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