The Mask of Zorro

I spent this afternoon with my father. We start it listening music. At one point, when we listen Marc Anthony and Tina Arena’s song “I want to spend my lifetime loving you”, I realized that I’d like to see again the movie “The Mask of Zorro”. And we did it.

Did you remember it? With Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins. Beautiful movie. Beautiful story. Great actors. I enjoyed as a child that I saw it. My only regret was that we had no popcorn 😦

After that I went in the park with my dad. In Bucharest, November nights are amazing. Because of that I’ve made some photos for you my friends. I hope you’ll enjoy the colors of autumn in my city. I know is the same in all cities, but these colors, that autumn, this city, are all mine 🙂

If you already enjoyed and want more, check my photography blog: TIME 2 PHOTOGRAPH

32 thoughts on “The Mask of Zorro

  1. Monica, another lovely post. Yes, I remember the movie, All three did a wonderful job in that movie. Shame there was no popcorn. I love popcorn with my movies, too. Happy you spent time with your father. And the photos are amazing. Thanks for showing me a piece of your world. Today, I traveled to another part of the world without leaving my living room.

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  2. So happy you spend a wonderful day with your Dad. It brought back sweet memories with mine..his family was from Bucharest,,they immigrated to the States many years ago xo

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