14 thoughts on “Life’s short! So short! :)

  1. Not years, not even months perhaps a day also too long the life could be as short as a few mails. But life is a hope and hope never dies

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  2. Short is relative, Monica. Looking back at 60 years of life in on this planet it was a long time… and different life’s… as a young kid, a student, an IT manager, a traveler, a photographer. I have only a short period to live but a long time left to enjoy your and my blog. Nice to meet you too! Smiles. Reinhold

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    • I know short is relative, Reinhold… I wanted that video to be just a warning for me and others. We have to live like today is the last day. Look what happened at Paris! Also in Romania where 60 young people has died in fire at a concert…


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