I don’t have a Happy Thanksgiving Day :(

Wherever I look in the blogosphere, everybody wish to everybody a Happy Thanksgiving Day. I think is wonderful to have a day to Be Thankful to someone. I also think that it’s wonderful when someone is Thankful to you.

I know what is the meaning of this day. I’ve read articles and I saw in many movies how beautiful the atmosphere is. How families get around the table and share thoughts, food, drink, smiles… everything. It’s realy cute.

Here in Romania, we don’t have a day like that. Xmas is almost the same, but this is what you have too.

So, I want to be with all of you guys, my friends from the blogosphere, to feel like you, to share with you this beautiful day.

So, here I am!

I wish to all of you a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving Day.

I am Thankful that I met you, I read you, I have you everyday around me, reading my posts.

With Love,




23 thoughts on “I don’t have a Happy Thanksgiving Day :(

  1. I also do not have such a holiday, but we have other beautiful days! I suppose you can celebrate any day which is just good, just enjoy every day you have – why not? Important is the state of your mind, if you feel good why not to celebrate it!

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  2. I’m so sorry that you don’t have Thanksgiving in Romania. I can’t imagine. Today you are in my thoughts, and I am thankful to have you in my life! Your posts brighten my life each day, and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Happy Thanksgiving sweet Monica, may your day be full of blessings!

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